Stillness. How perfect for the month of December…one of the busiest months of the year! But think of it. Feel the peace and serenity that comes from just breathing in the word before the panic of all that must be done to have a perfect holiday season rises from deep within.

Then breathe the word stillness in again until the anxiety passes. Reflect on who told you what the perfect holiday is supposed to look like. How come they get to set your standards? Take back your power to create the narrative. In this season, while the Pandemic reasserts itself, we have a good excuse to experiment with stillness and see if it has some lessons to teach us that might last long enough to become tradition.

At all levels of RE, from Pre-K through Youth Group, we will be focusing on Stillness this month. In this Advent season we will try on, Dec. 6, to step away from busyness by placing our attention on beauty and peace. On Dec. 13 (Hanukkah), we will listen for the voices of Angels, our inner voices, and pay attention to the ideas and insights that arise in us out of the silence. For Winter Solstice we will celebrate the sacred circle of life and the returning of nature’s light that brings us hope. On Dec. 27 we engage in the work of anti-racism and learn about the tradition of Watch Night/Freedom’s Even. On New Year’s Eve there is a church service in the African Methodist Episcopal tradition called Watch Night. It started when enslaved Africans watched all night for news that they would be freed.

In peace,

Rev. Judy