Soul Matters: Renewal

Many thanks to all our summer teachers who brought Chalice Camp: Identity, Race and Justice to our PreK-Middle schoolers. We were introduced to some difficult history, some complex concepts like racism, prejudice, discrimination and resistance. We learned that we can talk about these topics at our church and with our families. The good news is that we will have the opportunity, with our Soul Matters lessons, to reinforce what we’ve learned in the coming program year.

As we transition to Soul Matters it is important to know that all age groups, PreK-Youth Group, will be engaging in the monthly theme, that all the lessons are designed for an online platform and, looked at by the Soul Matters staff team with an eye toward justice, diversity and inclusion. And, once a month, a whole lesson will be devoted to anti-racism.

Now it is up to the Religious Education Committee and me to make it uniquely our own. We will use our OCUUC affirmation and a UU Principle song, so our children learn our UU Principles.

This month our theme is Renewal. We are renewed by our church friends when we engage in rituals together, like our Water Ceremony. We want everyone to take part and are thinking creatively about how we can make that happen. Stay tuned. We are renewed by differences, by wonder, by acknowledging our mistakes and seeking forgiveness and by learning to love ourselves.

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In faith,
Rev. Judy