RE Summer Program

Chalice Camp: Identity, Race and Justice is going great! Thank you, Maria Goode, for creating our camp lessons with an emphasis on fun and learning. Last week we made our own tee shirts, played 20 Questions, distributed prizes and expressed our own identity. We learned why that is important for ourselves and that we need to create space where others, who are different from we are, can do the same. Our inherent worth and dignity.

Over the course of the month we will learn about slavery and Chinese immigration, especially as it relates to the transcontinental railroad, discover that we can make a difference, and find out about inspiring resistance to oppression and the freedom struggle.

In the fall, worship and Religious Education will be in sync. We both will be using the Soul Matters monthly themes at age appropriate levels throughout the congregation. This will give families the opportunity to have intergenerational conversations about important spiritual themes and values. The topics include: renewal, deep listening, healing, stillness, imagination, beloved community, commitment, becoming, story, and play. Let your imagination run wild!

The lessons include a centering time of meditation, a story, games, some UU values to think about and apply to your daily life. They also include resources like books and music. And things to do at home, as family, to deepen your connection with the theme. Even though we are online, rather than in person, we can approach our time together with a sense of adventure.

Children PreK-7th grades meet at 9:30 while Youth Group, 8th-12th grades, meet at 11:30. The link is sent out each week along with information about that week’s lesson, in the weekly RE newsletter. Please contact me if you need the link or would like to subscribe.

I’m excited to be on adventure with you.

In faith,
Rev. Judy