Moving Forward With New Sanctuary

Moving Forward With New Sanctuary

On February 21, 2021 at a special congregational meeting, the OCUUC members present and voting overwhelming approved the motion to move forward with the proposed design and funding plans for the new sanctuary building. Hurray for all of us! This is a momentous step in the history of our congregation and one for which many people have carefully and diligently worked to reach this point and outline the path forward.

So many people have given generously of their time, talent and treasure over the last three years to bring the new sanctuary project where it is today. A very special thanks to all of our generous donors to the sanctuary pledge drive. They truly made it happen!

Special thanks to Linda Spery, for her expertise and leadership of the Sanctuary Design Committee and then the Sanctuary Pledge Drive Committee. Craig Spery has been instrumental in this work as well especially on the Sanctuary Design Committee and leading the interactions with the architects interviewed and the architect chosen.

Special thanks also to Property Use Group Co-Chairs, Nancy and Tom Loughrey, the Board of Trustees, Reverend Sian Wiltshire for her constant positivity and inspiration, and past president Don Martin who worked to start the ball rolling on building a new sanctuary. And many thanks to all those who have served on the committees named above.

The refurbishment of the RE/Administration building lobby, conference room, hallways, bathrooms, and a new storage room has been completed. Many thanks to Building & Grounds Chair Audrey Prosser and Building & Grounds members and volunteers Craig Spery, Bob Loeschen, Cory Brown, Bob Gurski, Tom Loughrey and Anna Ryan for the many hours of planning and work put into this major renovation. Next month we will publish pictures of the refurbished space once it has been completely cleaned and the furnishings put back in place. Audrey and I were in the RE/Administration building again today and it looks so fresh, bright and spacious.

On February 20, 2021 the entire Board of Directors attended an all-day Board Development Training program presented by the staff of the Pacific Western Region. We interacted with board members from eight other UU congregations from California, Montana, Colorado and Alaska. I have heard back from our board members that it was a day well spent and we will implement several of the tools presented.

Check out the many resources available to UU’s in the Pacific Western Region to which OCUUC belongs. You can also subscribe to the Pacific Western Region Newsletter, for the latest from the region as well as your district board.

With gratitude for all that you do for OCUUC,

Debra Quam

Debra Quam was OCUUC Board President from July 2018 through June 2021.