It’s Good to be Back

It’s Good to be Back

Tom and I had a wonderful trip around our country. 7374 miles, two hurricanes, one parent, two children and spouses, three grandchildren, four siblings and spouses, and many nieces, nephews, cousins and great friends later, we are back. All of it was a few at a time and as COVID safe as we could manage. My overriding impression is of a fantastically diverse and spectacularly beautiful country, and how lucky we are to be able to visit the people and see everything we did. It was good to get away and good to come back.

Sian’s first sermon upon our return was on transcendentalism. We had just visited Concord and seen a play on Emerson (Tom is a very distant relative) and Thoreau at Fruitlands, site of a transcendentalist commune. The idea of nature as a source of wellness, meaning and connection has great meaning for me as I suspect it does for many of you. We do have an interconnected web in so many ways. 

With schools back in session and Sian back, it feels like we are getting back in full swing. Although nothing shows yet, the Sanctuary project is progressing.  See the Sanctuary: Work in Progress blog for details. We are hoping for groundbreaking in January. With our small groups and many other programs resuming, it is good to be back. Hopefully the pandemic will continue to subside, and we can get back to more onsite activities soon. I applaud the creativity and initiative of those how have been organizing the picnics, pool party and beach events so we can see each other safely. It is good to be together. 

Our denomination leaders are offering several opportunities for leadership training and organizing. I encourage all of you to consider them. I have taken many of these over the years, and always find them energizing and worthwhile. Enjoy!

Nancy Loughrey

Nancy Loughrey is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Board President.