Join the Choir

Music has saved my life many times. It gave me a voice when I was a painfully shy child. It's given me companionship when I've felt alone. It connects me to my spiritual path. And it brings me peace and joy when sometimes very little else will. I wonder if music or other art forms have been saving your life lately, with the pandemic weighing heavily on all of us. What can we do as a church community to provide you more engagement with music (as a listener or performer)?

If any of you would like to incorporate singing into your spiritual practice, or if you're looking to work on a new skill, join Orange Coast Choir every Thursday night. We'll be rehearsing Thursday 7:30-9pm on Zoom, and we will practice through the whole summer this year. No experience necessary. It's impossible to sing together as a group on Zoom until someone invents a solution for the internet latency issue. But we are still able to work on our singing skill: we exercise our voices, learn music theory, and listen to amazing music together. Plus, we build a beautiful sense of community and loving support together.

One way to get more UU music into your system is to find (or make your own) playlists. YouTube has a playlist called Unitarian Universalist Songs for Worship & Reflection that I highly recommend. (I didn't make this playlist, but the first song on the playlist is one that our church recorded back in 2008! Check it out!)

If you want to get more involved with music at OCUUC, or if you'd like to participate behind the scenes in any way, please let me know. My wish is for everyone to enjoy the magic of music as much as I do.

Be safe, be well. You mean the world to me!

Beth Syverson
Director of Music Ministries