Worship Changes

My thanks to everyone who showed up for our wonderful worship retreat on Saturday!  With 16 people showing up and 6 others who want to be involved, it’s shaping up to be a great year for worship. I can’t wait! I’ll say more in the Casual Comments section of our website, but we are going to be making some changes starting in September to parts of Worship, experimenting as needed. Everyone was gracious and patient on Sunday as we began some of them, and I so appreciate it.

Couple of heads up: Starting the second week in September (after Labor Day), we will be going to two services (more on this later) and worship will be adopting a “Theme Based Worship model.”

Together you and I will start putting together big goals and vision for the church! Of course, it never seems fast enough, but we are working on it. It’s going to take everyone’s passion and dedication to this church to reach those goals, but I have no doubt as to our ability to do so. Keep reading the website and the Blast for updates on what will be changing and ways that you can be a part of it