Taking Care of Our Souls

Taking Care of Our Souls

There is an island near Seattle that has a kind of magical effect on me. Whenever I go there, I find that as soon as I touch the ground, a feeling of calm comes over me: my whole body relaxes and I feel grounded. The place is called “Whidbey Island” and somehow, someway it feeds my soul.

Have you ever felt that sense of calm? Maybe when you went away on a vacation and looked out over the ocean? Or maybe it’s when you held a child in your arms? Or that moment you said “I love you.” There are places, people and events that care for our soul. I invite you to not get too hung up on that word “soul” for right now. I’m not getting theological on you – define it however you like. Learning to take care of our soul – finding work that feeds it, places that nurture it – is key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

This month we are going to be talking about all the ways we can take care of our souls. One of those ways is to be in church on Sunday morning. That’s my intent – to help feed, nurture and take care of your souls. There are a lot of challenges facing our families, our communities and our nation right now. Sometimes we just need a place where we can relax, feel grounded and loved on. That’s here, that’s OCUUC.

See you in church.

Rev. Sian