Rev. Sian on Sabbatical

Rev. Sian on Sabbatical

The Committee on Ministry and the Board of Trustees reminds the congregation that Rev. Sian began her sabbatical on June 30th.

Originally scheduled to start May 30, this sabbatical provides Rev. Sian time for reflection, renewal and recharging, all of which is much needed after the incredible effort shepherdessing our Beloved community into the virtual world that we now inhabit.

As was the case when Rev. Sian took a sabbatical in the summer of 2017, we have a plan for handling the various ministries of the church, from worship services and pastoral care, to administration and communication regarding the dynamic situation with Covid-19 and its impact on church activities.

The Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez will return to our Zoom pulpit to give sermons twice a month.Rev. Sanchez is known to many of us, having periodically spoken at OCUUC and serving other UU Congregations in our area. Other favorites such as Rev. Tom Owen-Tolle, Rev. Summer Albayati and Michael Eselun will also be preaching. Director of Music Ministries, Beth Syverson, continues to choreograph our enriching Sunday services.

Pastoral needs continue to be supported by the Caring Committee, made up of our Pastoral Care Associates and Helping Hands. They can be reached at and, respectively.

For anyone experiencing serious life transitions, the Rev. Judy Tomlinson, the Director of Religious Education, is available. She can be reached at, or

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns,

COM Members:
Sheri Loeschen
Tom Loughrey
Katherine Martin