Looking Forward

As many of you know, I’ll be going on a short sabbatical this coming summer, June through August. I thought I’d give you an update. First know that the Committee on Ministry is working with me to make sure the church functions smoothly while I’m gone. We’ve started planning the services for the summer and Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez will be coming to preach 3-4 times. We know she is a church favorite! There are other wonderful, creative services we are planning and we will let you know more as we get closer. Read the Reach to hear more!

What will I be doing on my sabbatical? The purpose of a sabbatical is for rejuvenation and religions and professional growth for the minister. To that end, I’ll spend much of June in Seattle with my family and after that I’m looking at a number of options including shamanic workshops (my own spiritual practice), writing and storytelling, homiletics (that’s the study of sermon writing), etc. I’m starting a list of books I’d like to read (I’ll let you know what they are if you’d like to discuss with me upon return!).

Between now and then, however, we’ve got a lot going on! We are going to be doing some visioning for the future of our church and our nation. I’m excited for 2017. Unitarian Universalism is needed more than ever. So much to do! I hope you are as excited as I am!

In loving faith,
Rev. Sian