In February, I attended our NMI Interfaith Council’s monthly luncheon at the AME church and the topic was “The Black Church in OC.” We had a wonderful presentation by Dr. Richard Rose on the subject of “Liberation Theology” which is the foundational theology of the Black church. He said:

“When salvation/liberation is realized in a person’s personal life, that individual works diligently to make sure the larger society, of which he/she is a part, provides fair and equal access to the resources of that society to everyone that occupies that geographical space.”

I love this! However we experience salvation/liberation in our lives (whether it’s the belief in the blood of Jesus or otherwise), our freedom obligates us to work for the freedom of others. That’s a very UU way of thinking! So you can imagine that it was so frustrating that the NMI Council received a 4 page hate-filled letter by someone (anonymous) filled with a rejection of the Black experience.

Sigh. There is so much work my friends to be done. Liberation for all starts with our out liberation from our limited beliefs or that we know the experience of an entire race not our own.

In March I talked about the “Why” of our church. I talked about inclusion for EVERYONE. Peace, love and Justice for EVERYONE. Here’s another one: To work for the salvation/liberation of EVERYONE. That EVERYONE has “fair and equal access to the resources of that society to EVERYONE that occupies that geographical space.”


I’m so glad you are on this journey with me!

Rev. Sian