April Notes

“To be a member means to be a host. To be a host means that you come to serve, not to be served. In other words, you take off the bib and put on an apron.”

- Michael Piazza, Director, Center for Church Renewal

Each one of us is a host on Sunday morning. We are here to invite people into the life of the church. You know all the ins and outs, how to get what you need from this community. Now is the time when we help others get what we have! Here are just a few ways you can help people feel welcome:

  • Invite others in need or visitors to take the best parking.
  • Give guests the best seats in the house...
    • Scootch in - everyone likes to sit on the ends!
    • Put bags on the floor, leaving the seat free next to you
  • Reduce awkwardness - wear a nametag
  • Take initiative, this is your home!
    • Help people know where things are (bathrooms, meeting rooms, minister’s office, Administrator, etc.)
    • Take people on a tour
  • Ask open ended questions (not yes/no)
    • What brings you here today?
    • What do you know about Unitarian Universalism?
    • Did you grow up in any particular religion?
  • Who might they like to meet? Introduce them! (hobbies, choir, minister, etc.)
  • Sign up for classes/programs?
  • Invite people to events, personally.

If each one of us did these things on Sunday morning, we will be living out our mission: to transform our lives and our communities by living our Principles.

With love, Rev. Sian