Summer RE Program

Summer RE Program

The school year and church year are winding down, and we are preparing for summer. The Youth Group will be taking a break over the summer (perhaps with 1 or 2 special events), and PreK-7th grade will be combined for our summer program. We’ll be using the Magic Summer curriculum from Soul Matters. This program is based on three magic “S’s” that are what we, as a faith community, need to provide our children and our families to find the magic to connect to our deepest inner lives, our community, and to the joy of life around us. The three magic “S’s” are:

  • Service to Others
  • Silence and Mindfulness
  • Sunshine and Movement

Service to Others. Helping others is a magic antidote to the isolation, worry and sense of loss children may have experienced during COVID, as well as the other environmental, racial and political challenges swirling around us these days. We will gather and joyously work together. Our children will become helpers and build a sense of agency, empowerment and enjoyment after a time of uncertainty and lack of control. That is magic!

Silence and Mindfulness. We’ll invite the children to listen for their inner voice, to magically imagine and visualize a special character, and to feel the gentle power of mindfulness and centering.

Sunshine and Movement. Summertime is a magical time of less formal learning, and of more connection to nature and the out-side. We’ll play games that reinforce our message and also allow the children to revel in the joy of being together. The games will also introduce the secret fourth magical “S” of Silliness, that special magical humor which helps us stay lighthearted and carefree, able to make it through when life gets hard.

It's going to be a beautiful summer where our children can find agency, fun and magic in these times. Won’t you join us?

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