Random Kindness

Random Kindness

Beloved Community is a special kind of community. Here we honor Black, Indigenous, people of color. We love each other into healing and we stay in relationship, even when things get tough or messy. Not to mention a place where we use our creativity, offer our unique gifts, have fun and grow.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave depth and meaning to the phrase beloved community. For him it was about dignity and respect for every person, equality and justice for all across race and nationality and, an all embracing divine love. Sounds like a combination of Universalism and our UU Principles. So, it might be familiar to us and seem easy for us to embrace.

Yet there was a power in his voice when he spoke of it and a determination. He was all in body and soul. A commitment that was unwavering in the face of beatings, bombings, and incarceration. He knew that to lead America out of the sin of racism and transform our country into a beloved community was a task of Biblical proportions.

We aren’t there yet but we do seem poised on a tipping point. This month in RE, we will do our part to move ever closer to that glorious vision.

Here are a few questions that might help us go deeper. What keeps you together as a family, when you’re not happy with one another? We might ask the same question substituting ‘church’ in place of ‘family’. See if you can look at the people in your community—grocery store clerk, postal carrier, school principal, garbage collector, our new President and Vice President—what do you have in common? What’s the difference between an opponent and an enemy? Have you ever made friends with someone whom you previously thought of as an enemy? What changed to allow that to happen?

Here are our lessons for all age groups:

Feb. 7: Black Leaders are Honored (Antiracism & Black History Month)

Feb. 14: Love Grows beyond Boundaries (Valentine's Day)

Feb. 21: Wounds are Healed (Antiracism)

Feb. 28: We Don’t Run Away When Things Get Hard (Antiracism)


Rev. Judy