Offering Gratitude

Our youth raised $264.01 to buy the supplies we needed to make 100 First Aid kits for the Hearts and Hands interfaith day of service. I’m so proud of them!!! And, grateful to you, congregation, who supported them! Thank you, Judith Stamper for organizing us and buying the supplies. Five youth and eight adults, including myself, spent much of the day assembling our kits and then branching out to other projects like making wooden toy cars and flannel heating pads with OCUUC StitchWits. The most amazing apparatus that I saw was a 3-D printer that was used to make prosthesis. Wow! A meaningful time was had by all. Many thanks!

Our next service project is making goodie bags for Stand Up For Kids. Last year we baked cookies, got them some chap stick and a few fun things. We’ll do that again this year during RE time on Sunday, December 22. The youth will hold a cookie bake in preparation on Friday, Dec. 2 hosted by the Kilchoers.

The holidays are here! We will have an intergenerational Christmas Eve service on Tuesday, December 24. Just prior to the service families are invited for fellowship in the FUUN Room. I’m having such a good time thinking of all the possible crafts we can make: stars, angels, bells and doves, and of course, cookie decorating.

On December 29, the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s, I will lead Fire Communion in the sanctuary. Fire Communion is a ritual of letting go of the past and setting an intention, or offering a prayer, for the future. We will not have joys and sorrows on that day. While youth and adults are in the sanctuary, children will be having their own Fire Communion and New Year’s celebration in the FUUN Room.

At this time of year, it feels right to offer gratitude to all the volunteers, staff and Ministerial Intern who make our Religious Education program possible. The RE Committee bring vision, creativity and willing hands working with me to design our program. We have four programs running: Chalice Children in the Nursery with staffers Rosa Nunez and Bryan Lundholm leading. This is new for us and they are bringing creativity, love and energy to our youngest UUs. Love Surrounds Us for PreK-3rd grades, teachers Yulis Ayton, Julie Crawford, Tatiana Houser, Jacques Kilchoer, Briana Malone and Jazzie Pendarvis. Riddle and Mystery for the 4th-7th Graders, teachers Cynthia Baker, Gabrielle Block, Maria Goode, Betty Hogan, Elizabeth Kilchoer, Jacques Kilchoer, Jonathan MagoonPearson. Youth Group: Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning, teachers: Rob Gordon, Ministerial Intern Rica Kaufel, Dale Osborne, Rob Penney, Birdie Reed, Judith Stamper. They are all a gift to our congregation and I am so grateful to serve with them.

With love,
Rev. Judy