Change and Re-Opening

Change and Re-Opening

Happy Spring! Passover! Easter! Nowruz!

Lo, the earth awakes again! Back when the first vaccines were approved I began singing Easter songs in the faith that we would soon be together again. Now we have an OCUUC Task Force (in which I’m participating) working on re-opening plans. No, we won’t be meeting in-person by Easter Sunday. No, it won’t be as soon as we would like. But I do feel the sap rising and the buds forming that will surely blossom and bear fruit in the months ahead.

Part of the re-opening process is answering a few survey questions that will provide the Re-Opening Task Force with vital information. Please, we need to hear from you. Your perspective counts. Parents, children and youth have been some of the most impacted by the pandemic. Our ministries are here for you.

Becoming is our April Religious Education theme. How did becoming a parent change you? Wow, let me count the ways. Some of the questions we will explore this month: Whose example helped you know who you wanted to become, what kind of person you wanted to be? If you stopped growing right this minute, what would you be happiest to keep exactly as it is? What would you regret not being able to become?

Our Sunday morning RE program looks forward to:

  • April 4:  Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, story, and games
  • April 11: Finding Your True Self (Who are you becoming?)
  • April 18: Becoming People of the Earth (Earth Day)
  • April 25: Making Hopeful Predictions (Imagination)

My hopeful prediction is that I will see you all in the months ahead!

Rev. Judy