We Made a Difference

We Made a Difference

“Look at all the work we’ve done, everybody showin’ up!” This is the first line of one of my favorite choir songs. We’ve really lived it this Fall! As we go into another calendar year, we can be proud of ourselves.

We have had lots of “regular” activities with sermon discussion groups, book groups, another successful auction, and other groups that usually meet on a regular basis. Of course, Sunday mornings is our favorite activity.

In addition, Rev. Sian taught a class on the historical Jesus, we welcomed six new members (get to know Jennifer, Pat, Emily, Phyllis, Karen, and Glenn!), 36 people attended our weekend camp at deBenneville, 47 Ukrainians have been living at some point in our two-story building, a Town Hall meeting for sanctuary updates, and there was a national election.

I’m afraid I can’t report we quite made it to the published standards for a “Good Trouble Congregation”. We were so close. When I was asking people to report their efforts and said, “We just need 400 more letters or postcards!”, I was accused of sounding like our former president. I like to think we made it.

Collectively, we sent 2,430 postcards or letters, 2,000 text messages, made 4,020 phone calls, 455 door knocks, registered 5,000 new voters, and three of us worked at the polls. Seventeen people reported, and I do believe there were more of us. That’s fantastic! Given the unpredicted outcome, I say we made a difference!

We are an awesome congregation, and I am excited about what 2023 may bring. The last line of the song is “And we gotta keep walkin’ it”!

Nancy Loughrey

Nancy Loughrey is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Board President.