Minister’s Sabbatical Leave

Minister’s Sabbatical Leave

The sabbatical leave is a tradition for Unitarian Universalist clergy, as it is for the university. It offers an extended time for study, reflection, rest, and renewal - all ingredients for effective ministry. A sabbatical leave is part of the congregation’s covenant agreement with our minister. Just as importantly, the congregation will benefit as [our minister] returns refreshed, filled with new ideas and with rekindled energy. Further, it offers the staff and congregation the opportunity to step up to fill some of [our minister's] responsibilities while being exposed to some of the best speakers our denomination has to offer.


Our minister has reached that point in her agreement with OCUUC where she has accrued time for a sabbatical leave and she has requested that time and asked the Board of Trustees to agree to taking a three-month sabbatical starting in June 2017.

The Board agreed to this period for the sabbatical leave as being best for the congregation as well since summer is a somewhat slower time. We wish her well and look forward to learning from her when she returns what new insights she has and what mystic discoveries she can bring to us from her travels. Exciting stuff, I anticipate.

Reverend Sian has many academic pursuits in her background and one can safely assume she'll dig into topics arcane and mundane regarding religious pursuits with a fervor matching her historical attention to detail on topics sparking her interest.

The Committee on Ministry as well as the Worship Committee have taken the charge to be sure we will be well-covered for interesting sermon topics while Reverend Sian is gone and to be sure that we are not too well entertained to be amazed when she returns, rejuvenated, and ready to wow us with new insights and fervor.

Both those committees and the Board of Trustees stand ready to help and assist the congregation now and during the sabbatical leave to be sure that our congregation has all it needs to prepare for the leave and to welcome our minister upon her return.

Donald Martin