July 10th Worship Service

July 10th Worship Service

I am looking forward to a new church year! As grateful as I am to the work of last year’s Board, I anticipate another great year with our new Board. Thank you to all who serve.

On July 10, a group of us are leading the Sunday Service to share our recent experiences with racism and anti-racism. It has been a transformative journey for many of us, and we understand we are on a very long path. In addition to sharing our experiences, we want to offer some opportunities for others to join the conversation. The purpose of this service is to interest many of you in be-coming engaged in this work.

A provocative topic deserves opportunities for feedback. We would like to offer several feedback sessions the following week which we hope everyone will choose to at-tend. The purpose is to hear your comments on the issues raised in the service and what programming you may like to see.

The proposed sessions are scheduled for
- Monday, July 11, 4 pm - zoom
- Tuesday, July 12, 7pm - zoom
- Wednesday, July 13, 7pm - onsite
- Thursday, July 14, 1pm - zoom

Sign-up sheets will be available onsite after the service, in the chat for Zoomers, and by email for others. Please plan to at-tend.

I am currently in Maine with Tom as we care for his mother while his sister has some time away. We all came down with COVID within a few days of arrival. Thankfully, we seem to be recovering safely. I am grateful for vaccinations and boosters! I will be back in town, airlines willing, on July 6th. See you soon!

Nancy Loughrey