A Long Journey

A Long Journey

"We build on foundations we did not lay
We warm ourselves by fires we did not light 
We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant 
We drink from wells we did not dig 
We profit from persons we did not know 
This is as it should be. 
Together we are more than any one person could be. 
Together we can build across the generations. 
Together we can renew our hope and faith in the 
life that is yet to unfold. 
Together we can heed the call to a ministry of care 
and justice.
We are ever bound in community." 

May it always be so. 
Rev. Peter Raible

What if Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church weren't here? Would Orange County miss it? I know I certainly would - Sandie and I counted on OCUUC being here when we moved back to Orange County.

We didn't do much while we were gone to guarantee its continued existence for us just in case we came back. Not besides joining another church (or Society) and then helping to start a new church (or Congregation) to help keep the Unitarian Universalist message going.

We did check in every once in a while as we came back to OC to visit family and would leave a contribution during the collection but it never occurred to us that OCUUC wouldn't continue its permanence when we moved back to Costa Mesa after I retired. Of course there were those who did worry about its continued existence and who put in the hard work and financial support necessary not only to continue but to take the steps to move to a new facility when the old place got too restrictive in parking and other constraints.

Therefore, she and I can truly say "We profit from persons we did not know" and are very glad that OCUUC was here for us when we returned. We also know that "Together we are more than any one person could be" and it is clear to us that it is incumbent on us to continue to be involved in doing the necessary work of this church but also to begin helping make it further true that "Together we can build across the generations.”

Reverend Sian and I have begun a series of Sunday- after-church discussions about what all of you, indeed, all of us, can envision about the continued existence and the future of Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church. Shall we grow? How shall we change our church and our buildings to make sure this worthwhile organization will continue?

How can we find the road to "renew our hope and faith in the life that is yet to unfold?"

Don Martin