A Busy Summer

A Busy Summer

Jennifer Abt has been the editor of this publication for many years. Effective this edition, Jennifer turned over the editor position to Linda Clough. Jennifer did an outstanding job as the REACH editor on top of her many duties as bookkeeper for OCUUC. We at OCUUC are all grateful to Jennifer for her generous gifts of time and talent. A big thank you also to Linda for volunteering to be the new editor.

I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many of you, I am missing my church friends in person. Thank goodness we can see and interact with each other via our Zoom church services and meetings. We can also utilize email, the church Website and Facebook page and good old phone calls to keep in touch. I encourage each of you to pick up the phone or send an email or written note to connect with others in our beloved community. It always lifts my spirits to hear from or reach out to others.

On July 25, 2020 the Board of Trustees conducted the first board meeting of the fiscal year and the annual board retreat. The purpose of the annual retreat is to get better acquainted with each other, review how our church finances operate, decide on norms for board participation and identify two or three top board and congregational priorities for the year.

An important initiative underway at this time is the relaunch of the new sanctuary capital campaign. Sanctuary Fundraising Chair, Linda Spery, and her team of volunteers have developed a great relaunch campaign and have been and will be reaching out to the congregation for assistance in reaching the campaign goal.

Due to Covid-19, plans for a joint spring campaign with the operating fund pledge drive were changed and the new sanctuary capital campaign was delayed. The goal of the campaign is “virtual implementation” of the earlier outreach plan to secure new pledges and increases in current pledges toward the goal of raising $500,000 by Labor Day.

For more information about the relaunch of the sanctuary capital campaign, please see the article by Linda Spery in this REACH.

The OCUUC buildings have been closed since mid-March due to the pandemic. The Property Use Group and Buildings and Grounds committee have been working together on a plan to freshen up the RE/Administration building while it is closed. This is the ideal time to refurbish this building at minimal cost and with no disruption to the workplace.

The Board has approved moving forward with a proposal from PUG and B&G on the refurbishment. This will include removing the carpet from the walls in the Victoria Room and hallways and painting those areas. We will relocate the RE Fun Room to another area in the building and combine the Victoria Room and Fun Room to create a larger conference room. Our Sextons will be doing this work since the cleaning that normally takes the majority of their time is unnecessary due to the closure of the buildings.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy August and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

Debra Quam