Meaningful Worship Services

Meaningful Worship Services

First a word of gratitude to Steve Morihiro and Susan Shaw, who have often been leading the music on my days off. They are consistent, conscientious, talented, and collaborative. We're so lucky to have these two willing to be leaders in our church!

I also want to give a shout-out to the tech crew - Avery Brown, our awesome weekly Audio Engineer, plus all the volunteers who run the camera, run the slideshow, act as Zoom MC, and create the slideshows. There are about 15 of you rotating through each week of the month. You are so reliable and dedicated to your jobs. Thank you so much! Your quality work behind-the-scenes helps us have meaningful and memorable worship services.

And thanks to our dedicated choir, who have been happily rehearsing on-site and on Zoom since August. As we emerge out of the Covid quarantine, our on-site choir is smaller than it usually is, but I am sure as time goes on more folks will come sing with us. If any of you would like to join the choir, just email me and I'll give you all the details.

This year, because our choir is so small, we sadly are not able to produce the Winter Solstice Singing Ritual like we usually do. I know this is a beloved tradition for some of you - and for the choir. So instead, on Thursday, December 15, around 8pm, the choir is going to do a sing-along version with the video we created 2 years ago. If any of you who really, really love the solstice service want to join us for a very informal, karaoke-type version of the service, you're welcome to join us.

As we make our way through the rest of the holidays of 2022, do take care of yourself. Play your favorite music and fill your days with the holiday traditions that make you happy.

Musically Yours,
Beth Syverson

Beth Syverson is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Director of Music Ministries. She plans and arranges the music for worship on Sunday mornings, provides piano music during services, and directs the Orange Coast Choir. She is also the artistic director of OCUUC’s concert series—Orange Coast Concerts—which features several eclectic concerts throughout the year.