Hybrid Services

Hybrid Services

We've been doing hybrid services now for several weeks, and it's been a real learning experience for all of us. Everything has gone very smoothly so far, and I'm so happy that we are able to keep Zoom worship going for those who prefer it, as well as having our physical doors open for those who prefer to attend in person. There is an enormous amount of technical details to keep track of now. Big thanks to Steve Morihiro for heading up the tech team and shepherding us all into the hybrid space. And there are many more volunteers needed every week than in The Before Times. Thanks to all the volunteers who help make hybrid worship happen every week:

  • Worship Associates
  • Musicians
  • Slideshow Creators
  • Zoom MCs
  • Virtual Ushers & Onsite Ushers
  • Slideshow Operators
  • Audio Engineers
  • Camera Operators
  • Zoom Ambassadors
  • Pastoral Care Associates

If you'd like to be part of the worship production team, we'd love to have you. Volunteers work one Sunday per month (typically). Training, written instructions, and shadowing are available to get you up to speed.

Orange Coast Choir is on hiatus until mid-August. I'm not sure if we will still be rehearsing in the courtyard and making virtual choir videos when we return. We might be in the choir loft again, but I am watching the news and advice from AUUMM carefully. Singing entails more risk than other activities, so I'm being cautious about bringing singing back on board like in The Before Times. Likewise, the in-person congregation (AKA Roomers) will continue to sway in Daniels Hall instead of singing, for just a bit longer. Thank you for your patience. I hope that when we finally are able to sing indoors together again, that we will all appreciate the amazing gift that is communal singing. I miss it so much! Do you?

Musically Yours,

Beth Syverson
Director of Music Ministries

Beth Syverson is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Director of Music Ministries. She plans and arranges the music for worship on Sunday mornings, provides piano music during services, and directs the Orange Coast Choir. She is also the artistic director of OCUUC’s concert series—Orange Coast Concerts—which features several eclectic concerts throughout the year.