It’s Earth Day, again!

It’s Earth Day, again!

My first sermon at OCUUC was commemorating Earth Day last year. Earth Day is always a good reminder that every day, we can do something to contribute to the health of the amazing planet that is our home. I know it’s hard to imagine how our individual actions can play a part when the changing climate, and poor practices continue to impact the planet our communities. We can and do make choices that make a difference, however.

Every time you remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, it matters. Every time you choose a biodegradable bag while you’re there, it matters. Recycling makes a difference. Whether you drop your recyclables into them your blue bin, or take them to a dedicated recycling center, it keeps them out of the ocean. We live in an area prone to drought. Every time you choose a drought resistant plant to your garden, it helps! If you have a plant in your life that attracts bees throughout the year, it contributes positively to the interdependent web. Using biodegradable coffee cups for Sunday coffee hour! It helps!

Many thanks for all you do for the well-being our shared home, planet Earth.

Wendy Karn is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's intern minister. She can be reached by email at