"Scrip" refers to gift cards and gift certificates that are sold to raise funds for the church. The gift cards/certificates are used just like cash at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, department stores, home improvement stores, and online merchants.

Merchants sell the gift cards to charitable organizations at a discounted price (partly for goodwill, partly to avoid credit card transaction fees). For example, suppose the church buys a $100 grocery store gift card from the merchant for $95; you buy it from the church for $100, the church keeps the extra $5, and you get the full $100 worth of groceries. With every purchase you make using Scrip gift cards or certificates, you earn money for OCUUC.

Normally, we sell scrip cards on the patio after the service each Sunday. However, since we are not meeting on site, the program has been mostly inactive. We have made limited sales, but since scrip cards are like cash, no one wants to be responsible for sending them through the mail.

We are planning on phasing out our card inventory by the end of 2020. The current inventory of the scrip box is HERE. Please order from this inventory first. In addition, orders placed by the tenth of each month (November and December) will be placed and hand delivered with inventory purchase by the 20th of the month. Please email if you would like to reserve inventory or place an order for other cards.

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You may also help OCUUC raise money through our scrip program by ordering directly through our vendor, ShopWithScrip. It involves setting up a family account that designates OCUUC as the nonprofit beneficiary. You may purchase your scrip directly through them, and they will deposit the profits directly in an OCUUC account. A complete list of their vendors is available here:

The advantages are that you have full access to more than 700 brands that they offer, and you may be able to obtain your purchasing power more quickly than waiting for Sunday or a special order. The disadvantages are that there is some work with setting up an account, and you must give them your bank or credit card number for payment. They will charge a fee of $.15 for debit transactions, and 2.6% for credit cards.

There are several ways to purchase scrip through ShopWithScrip:

  • ScripNow E-cards: Scrip that you may print out at home.
  • Reload and Reload Now: Once you have a physical card with a balance, it may be eligible for reload, which is a very easy way to purchase more scrip on favorite vendors. Not all vendors accept reloads.
  • Physical Cards: Starting in November, physical cards may be purchased directly on their site for delivery directly to your home.

All of these are available through your family account. There is also now a mobile phone app called RaiseRight, that will allow you to manage purchases on your phone. Reload is instantaneous, so you can literally reload once you are at a store and know the amount of your purchase.

Start by reading the Family User Guide and setting up a family account. We are here to help!

Questions: Contact