November Sanctuary Update

November Sanctuary Update

Here is the latest update provided to our new OCUUC sanctuary project team from Toni Pyjar, our project architect contact at domusstudio, who is our primary liaison with the City of Costa Mesa.

"We have some good news for you. We received some plan check comments from the City! Upon first review, they appear to have no significant architectural impact on the project scope. We will request clarification of some of their comments and; of course, advocate with the church’s interests in mind.

Specifically, we received comments regarding Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Accessibility, CAL Green, Plumbing, and Energy.

Last week Costa Mesa Sanitary District contacted us by email, asking that we apply for a sewer permit for the cap and abandonment of the existing sewer. That application was made, and we are awaiting their fee invoice.

We also heard from the interim Planner, who reviewed the site photometric plan, and determined that the photometrics are acceptable everywhere except one location, at the southwest corner of the building. He recommended increasing the wattage of the lamp in that one fixture. That’s good news, if the wattage can be increased.

We still expect to receive comments from Landscape, Planning, the Fire Dept. and Mesa Water."

Craig Spery is the chair of the sanctuary planning and construction committee