Exploring Thresholds

This month we will explore Thresholds in all our Religious Education classes.

PreK-7th will focus on Thresholds as the boundaries between our place of shelter and the outside in session one. What do we welcome in? What are thresholds good at keeping out? Take a look at the first hymn in our gray hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition— “May Nothing Evil Cross this Door”—this hymn talks about shelter from the storm, making our space sacred, peaceful and joyful.

In session two, on Mother’s Day, we will walk through the door of welcome. Here at our church, all of us are loved. We will talk about being welcoming of change and diversity, and appreciating all the people who care for and love us.

On May 17, for session three, we will take the measure of our growth. We will explore what it means to grow up, and what thresholds our children and youth are crossing this month. It takes courage to move into the next stage of our development. How can church help to equip our young people to bravely step into an unknowable future with faith.

On May 24, Memorial Day, session four will be all about courage. Children in the 4th-7th grade class are especially invited to attend the service that day because our Youth Group will be leading the worship service.

Youth Group has devoted themselves to the study of leadership all year. They have been working through a process to focus on and select a topic that they care deeply about—and they have chosen homelessness. They will soon select the specific topic for the service and are thinking about how to put their own and our congregation’s energy behind the issue of homelessness, engaging in both charity and change.

Also on May 24, we will have a separate class for the PreK-3rd graders. We will focus on the American flag in honor of the holiday.

Our final threshold lesson will be on imagination.

In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll wrote, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” As we think about our children, let’s imagine a world together and then work to create it. During this Covid-19 time-out that Nature is giving us, we have an amazing opportunity to imagine a new way of life. We don’t have to go all the way back to the way things were, do we? Can we create something new and more beautiful? Could it be that we are on the threshold of a new, more unified, just and sustainable world? I hope so.

With hope, courage and imagination,

Rev. Judy