Kicking Off Our New Church Year

On October 16th we kicked off our new church year with new curricula! Our PreK-2nd graders are exploring World of Wonder, a program that delves deep into our Unitarian Universalist seventh Principle. It instills respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part and appreciation of its beauty, excitement, and mystery. It is founded on the premise that direct experience in nature is essential to children's physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Our 3rd-6th graders will be delving into Sing to the Power, a program that affirms our Unitarian Universalist heritage of confronting "powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love." Participants experience their own power and understand how it can help them to be leaders. It uses a metaphor of the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—as a framework to explore different forms of power. Unfortunately, we are not starting up a traditional youth group at this time, as we only have two 7th-12th graders attending church on a regular basis. We hope to grow this group and offer more programming for them in the future, but for now I will be working with our youth individually to find other ways that they can get involved in the life of the church.

Some "church year" routines have returned for the fall, and some have changed. Children start their time at church on Sunday mornings by joining their families in the service at 10:30. After Time for All Ages, they head to their classrooms with their teachers. Religious Education classes now run a full hour, until approximately 11:45 (about 15 minutes after the adult service lets out). Parents can pick up their children at that time from their classrooms. Remaining children in PreK-2nd grade are taken to the Activity Room, which is open until 12:30. Remaining 3rd-6th graders are offered the Activity Room and released. The nursery is open from 10-12:30.

With Gratitude,
Karen Magoon Pearson