It’s Time for Summer Camp!

Dear RE Community-

It's almost time for summer camp! Our local camp, de Benneville Pines, has plenty of room for elementary age campers. Here is a note from Eric Bliss, our District Youth Ministry Specialist:

In this time of tech and screen overload, isn't an enriching, safe, and spiritually nourishing outdoor experience exactly what our children need?

According to American Camp Association’s 2005 Youth Outcomes of the Camp Experience report, parents cite the following as the most important reasons for sending their children to camp:

  • Camp helps build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Camp is a safe environment
  • Camp is a place to build social skills and make friends

Parents also reported that the camp experience helped their child:

  • feel good about themselves
  • gain more self-confidence or self-esteem
  • increase in independence and show more leadership skills
  • increase their friendship skills and feel more socially comfortable
  • gain in their adventurousness and willingness to try new things

Please help us spread the word with your families and encourage them to take this leap of faith for their children and for Camp DBP!


I hope your family is able to enjoy camp during the summer of 2016. Please contact me or de Benneville Pines if you are interested in obtaining a scholarship for camp. For information about elementary camp, please click here.


Rayna Hamre