Memories from Our OCUUC Faith Community

If you went to church, mosque, circle, or synagogue as a child, what do you remember? What builds memories that last for our children and youth? In the spring, I asked our younger children what they remembered about the last church year, and here are their responses:

  • Stories and Time for All Ages
  • Playing the Hula Hoop Game with the strings (1st-3rd graders)
  • The game with the ball where we said something nice [to each other]
  • The day the bears got married ( the Chalice Children Prek-Kindergarten session on marriage and weddings, and we arranged not one, but two weddings for our teddy bears)
  • Making chalice puzzles
  • Cookies during coffee time

Sometimes we forget that whether we are a teacher, volunteer, parent or guardian. we are building memories of church life, not just for our own family, but for all of our children (adults, too!). What will they remember in twenty years about OCUUC?

I look forward to creating those important and cool memories for all of us, with all of you, in the coming year!

In Our UU Faith~

Rayna Hamre