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Worship Service: True Self

Every day we search for our own truth and expressing it. Yet, somehow it often gets misinterpreted! How can we allow others to be their true selves and for ourselves to shine? Rev. Sian

Worship Service: Sanctuary

On this Easter Sunday, let’s explore this idea of “sanctuary.” It no longer just means a place of protection, but providing spiritual and emotional support for those who are afraid and disheartened in this world. What are the different ways that OCUUC might provide safety, salvation and sanctuary in today’s world? Rev. Sian

Worship Service: Salvation by Character

The Unitarians believed that salvation was about sacrifice of Jesus, but about growth as human beings. What might we learn from these 19th Century Unitarians today? Rev. Sian

Worship Service: Salvation in 3 Easy Steps

Join guest speaker Dave Carlson for an exploration of the topic: Salvation in 3 Easy Steps – with a special guest appearance by famous Universalist, P.T.Barnum Is salvation a “wounded” concept that just needs a UU refresh, like we have done with Grace, Faith and Forgiveness? or it is a concept like “Blood Sacrifice” and “Inquisition”…

Worship Service: Minimalism

Letting go of “stuff” in our lives is just one way to simplify and de-stress. Sometimes, though it also means letting go of relationships or ways of being that no longer serve. Rev. Sian. Townhall meeting to follow the service.

Worship Service: What could you be thinking?!

Dave Carlson won the sermon topic for an auction item. He’d like Rev. Sian to answer the question: “Why do smart people sometimes believe dumb things?” Oh, this is going to be fun, people! Rev. Sian. Townhall meeting to follow the service.