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Worship Service: Perfect Strangers

Popular guest speaker and UCLA Oncology Chaplain, Michael Eselun will explore our relationship to strangers. We are often told from a young age, “Don’t talk to strangers,” only to find that sometimes such encounters might be “perfect.”

Worship Service: Going Inward

Guest speaker Eileen Maurer will explore how going inward can enlarge our presence and strengthen our actions in the wider world.

Worship Service: Faithful Freedoms, Responsible Choices

The stories of faith and the freedom to choose create a colorful and complex picture. The range of emotions and experiences they express help us to see why it is still extremely important to protect the rights of all women regarding Reproductive Justice. Guest speaker will be Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez.

Worship Service: Finding the Moon // Margaret Fuller, Liberal Religion, and the Path of Ordinary Wisdom

Our guest speaker, the Reverend James Ishmael Ford, will share a little of the life of the renowned Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller and reflect on what her life and approach to life might mean for us as contemporary Unitarian Universalists. James is a community minister affiliated with the UU Church in Long Beach. He was a…

Worship Service: A Liberating Sanctuary

Traditionally, the word sanctuary referred to the holy place where God dwells among the people—a physical space where divine presence is made manifest. What does it mean these days to be a sanctuary, especially when our religious values are being assailed in the public arena? Guest preacher, Jonipher Kwong

Worship Service: Music is not a Competitive Sport

Our Director of Music Ministries, Beth Syverson, will share her philosophy of teaching music and how she no longer has her students compete. She will share some of the things she’s learned from her students in her 35-year teaching career.

Worship Service: My Spiritual Journey Working with Ex-Prisoners and Gang Members

Sharon Loeschen, licensed clinical social worker, will be speaking on her experience working with ex-prisoners and gang members since 2011. She will be sharing about how she has been impacted by their stories of transforming their lives from violence to working to prevent violence. Sharon is a psychotherapist and a teacher of those training to be…