A Tree Analogy

A Tree Analogy

It is not all about the new Sanctuary! The OCUUC Board has been meeting monthly and talking about what it would like to see accomplished this church year (by June). We are energized by all the ideas and are using a tree analogy to focus our work.

First the Branches – we would love to extend our visibility and welcoming to the broader community. Developing a marketing plan, a path to membership, and improved signage are all in our branches.

The Trunk – ok, it is partly about new sanctuary. We are mindful that it will take board efforts. We are very hopeful that we will have congregation approval in December and have construction well under way by June.

The Roots – It has been a busy Fall, and we are mindful that we must always support our members and volunteers. Leadership training, engaging our membership in meaningful programs, and opportunities to get involved are part of the roots needed to sustain us.

We absolutely will not be able to do this alone. If you are interested in helping with any of these, please contact me at (president@ocucc.org) or any board member.

Nancy Loughrey

Nancy Loughrey is Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church's Board President.