A Reconsideration of Building a New Sanctuary

"No one is going to stand up and hand you a plate of progress in life. You must make progress by your own sheer will, discipline, and efforts every day." Brendon Burchard
"Start small, start now" Seth Godin
"I can guarantee you that whatever it is you decide to build, you will lose some people.  And understand that if you don't do a building project, you're going to lose some folks as well." Dr. Wayne Clark, UUA
I am aware that the calendar year is fast closing as I write this and that we have spoken several times during 2017 of starting a Sanctuary Building capital campaign but have floundered in actually beginning that campaign.
I am happy to say that we have our first new contribution toward a Sanctuary Fund and it is time to gird up our loins and begin to consider what we want for our sanctuary, or chancel, or meeting hall, such that we are willing to make large contributions toward attaining it.
I can "see” our sanctuary as a beautiful, inspiring, reassuring space where one could simply sit, alone or in the company of others, and reflect on what is truly important in life and society and what it means to be a good person in an imperfect world. I have been in such spaces so I know they can exist.
I would like to encourage those of us with more artistic tendencies to begin making models of what a new sanctuary building on our OCUUC campus might look like to get us excited about our future building. I also encourage those with writing skills to begin describing what it might mean to have such a possession for OCUUC.
I encourage those with financial abilities to recommend how much this might cost and how we go about enthusing everyone to contribute as large a sum as each individual can manage when we begin asking for the money to start this project.
I am ready to make 2018 The Year of Beginning Again. Shall we start?
Don Martin