Prez Sez for July

“Stories don't end," he says. "They just turn into new beginnings."
 - Lindsay Eagar


“I must finish what I've started, even if, inevitably, what I finish turns out not to be what I began.” - Salman Rushdie
Well, it's the end of OCUUC Fiscal Year 2016/2017 and the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017/2018 (not something that slips easily into iambic pentameter.)
This month's blog is about the changes in leadership of our church, Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church. As of the Annual Congregational Meeting on June 11th there are a few differences in your leadership.
We are very grateful for the service of all those who are leaving, continuing, or beginning official leadership positions:


Maureen McConaghy, Vice President, Programs. I am personally very thankful for Maureen's hard work and organization on the board these last two years. I used to think I had an organized mind....
Cosmé Noriega, Treasurer. Cosmé brought humor and humanity to a very technical position and did it with great aplomb.
Richard O'Neill, Trustee. Richard brought a calming influence and, occasionally, a devil's advocate outlook to keep us on topic.
Charles Gordon, Bursar. Charles has looked after the financial well being of OCUUC for decades and, after recently recovering from medical difficulties, is back still working at selling scrip for our benefit.
Rachel Smith, Nominator. Rachel can now bring style and flair to other areas of our church.
Nancy Loughrey, Steward. Well, this is just another of the many, many roles Nancy has played at OCUUC.


Debra Quam, Recorder. Will now serve as Treasurer.


Karen Kennedy, Vice program, Programs
Kathleen McFarlin, Trustee
Sue Quam, Recorder
Katherine Martin, Bursar
Joan Ashley, Nominator
David Carlson, Steward


Marcia Hackett, Elaine Diorio, Linda Spery, and Ed Kurata, Nominators.
Barbara Schilling and Mike Hermanos, Stewards.
Dar Ritter, Maria Goode, Elysse James, Meg Wilson, and Yours Truly, Officers and Trustees of the Board.
That's a lot of people who work for you as volunteers to keep this fantastic organization functioning - next time you see any of them, thank them for their service!
Donald Martin