Many Hands Make Light Work

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford

As we wind up our fiscal year I'd like us to reflect on the many successes we've had in the past twelve months.

We put together two highly successful auctions, Fall and Spring, and made record amounts of income promised to OCUUC and helped in the process to continue our getting to know each other in the ensuing dinners, plays, games, and other social delights that were offered for "sale" in those auctions.

This took lots of people dedicated to plan and execute these complex transactions. It took many, many hours of meeting and talking about how to enthuse people and persuade them to "buy" the items offered.

We put together a Canvass Campaign for 2017-2018 pledges of financial support to OCUUC that was very successful and included an all-church Canvass Dinner that was much fun and very entertaining.

We have found new renters who use our facilities for their activities and help us financially by paying rent for that privilege.

We have a large number of people working almost continuously to keep Orange Coast working well from Buildings and Grounds to Finance to Music to Religious Education for our youth to beautifying every sermon with lovely flower arrangements.

As you will see at the Annual Meeting we have a list of elected Officers, Trustees, Stewards, and Nominating Committee members who are a cross-section of our church and who work hard and with great commitment to keep our future in fresh view.

It takes a LOT of work to make OCUUC "work" and we have many dedicated hands to continue to pull that off. Thank you all!

Donald Martin