October Music Note

Last month our newest ensemble debuted.  U3 (Unitarian Universalist Ukuleles) performed "Over the Rainbow," with guest singer Triston Dyer. I was thrilled to have 11 of us playing during our annual Ingathering service, including two children and one guest who had never attended OCUUC before joining U3!  About half of the group had never learned ukulele before preparing this song.  They had been meaning to learn uke, but this occasion to perform at church gave them a reason and a deadline to learn a few chords. The other half had played ukulele before and were excellent leaders of the group.  I am pondering what song to perform next. U3 will definitely play again, perhaps even at the Christmas Eve service! If you have an ukulele (or are willing to buy one - a new one costs less than $100) and you'd like to join us, either email me or watch the Blast for rehearsal announcements in the coming weeks.

For our October 15 service, Orange Coast Choir will be singing a song called "Many, One, Family" during a service will be about being welcoming to our LGBT community. I am collecting photographs of real-life families you know (or your own family) who have LGBT members in them.  Two moms, two dads, a trans kid, a bisexual uncle, etc. It does NOT have to be obvious who the LGBT person(s) is in the picture. Please make sure you have permission from the subjects to have the photograph displayed during worship. We will be showing the photographs in a slideshow during the song, creating a beautiful montage of LGBT families. Please email photos by 10/10 to MusicDirector@ocuuc.org.

On October 22, the Sunday service will be our once-a-year-or-so music meditation service.  The congregation will sing easy chants and repetitive choruses, interspersed with a few readings and silent moments. Many people find these musical meditations to bring peace and healing to their lives.

If you'd like to get involved in our Music Ministries, either in one of our performing groups or behind the scenes, please let me know. There's a place for everyone to participate!

Beth Syverson, Director of Music Ministries