I'd like to take this opportunity at the end of the church year to thank a few people who helped make the Music Ministries an inspiration for everyone this past year:

The Music Committee - Barbara Schilling, Amy Tompkins, and Stacy Smith - creates fun events throughout the year to help raise funds for the church. They put on Open Mic Nights, singalong movie nights, Music Under the Stars (our next one is September 24), special auction events, performances by guest artists, and more.

Susan Shaw, Amy Tompkins, Joel Ibanez, and JoLynn Ibanez, who fill in as songleaders and special musicians when I'm away. It's great to be worry-free on Sundays when I'm on vacation or at a church conference. These are all fine, versatile musicians who have a passion for this church.

In addition to those four folks, there are many other church musicians who have sung and played on Sunday mornings this past year: Linda Kraemer, Barbara Schilling, Amelia Russo-Neustadt, Stacy Smith, Alexandra Berrocal, Dave Hardenbrook, Dan Noel, Jill Bidgood, Elysse James, and Paul Gethard. We are so lucky to have such a wealth of talent and dedication at OCUUC!

Thanks to the whole choir and to Sparks! (our vocal small group) for spending every Thursday at church for rehearsals plus and at least three Sunday mornings a month at church services, giving your gift of music to the congregation. I admire your growth, commitment, and esprit de corps.

Steve Morihiro is our Music Librarian, a job which requires filing music that the choir sings and organizing new music that comes in. It's a behind-the-scenes job but is so important to keeping the choir running smoothly.

The sound and slides crew is vital to a satisfying Sunday worship experience. Thanks to Barbara Schilling, Katherine Martin, Jonathan Magoon Pearson, Michelle Catlett, Adam Goldman, Steve Morihiro, Eva Lu Goodwin-Noriega, Jan Mabie, and Joey Nakao for their help at the sound board and laptop on Sunday mornings!

And another behind-the-scenes crew is the slideshow creators who spin out beautiful slides every Sunday for our lyrics and other service elements. Thanks to Jennifer Abt, Barbara Schilling, Katherine Martin, and Katherine Tatis for blessing us with your creative talents and reliability.

Lastly, thanks to the staff, especially Rev. Sian, Rayna, and Sarah for collaborating on worship and on the life of this church. I am lucky to have such great colleagues!