You are So Beautiful to Me

Our theme for this month is Beauty. It makes me feel so conflicted, I don’t even know where to start.

It makes me think of an afternoon in my life when I was still on college. On this particular afternoon, I sat on the floor sobbing because I had just gone through a pretty devastating break up. And then a piece of music I really loved came on, and as I looked up, the sunlight that was streaming through my window was reflected brilliantly in a piece of blue glass that was part of a little token a friend had brought back for me from a vacation. And I remember that I got up, and I wrote a letter to my parents in which I thanked them that very early on in life, they taught me how to look for an appreciate beauty. Because really, the world is full of beauty, and if we can see it and take pleasure in it, even the gloomiest of glooms becomes just a little more bearable. Beauty added so much to my life.

And at the same time, I think of the many times when I felt like I was not beautiful enough, and somehow my perceived lack of physical beauty overshadowed all the other gifts I bring to the world. I remember all the money, energy, and grief I spent trying to fit into a socially constructed idea of beauty, and all the time I wasted chasing after it when really, I could have spent that time just loving myself and chasing after my actual dreams instead. Beauty took so much from my life.

So where do I land on beauty: yay or nay?

I still think that one of the things that sets us as humans apart is our drive to intentionally create and seek beauty. And I also think that our appearance, our bodies, do not necessarily have to be our canvas. I believe we all add beauty to the world, and our creation sparkle most brilliantly if they reflect our unique selves, and if we pick the canvas that best reflects us. And one of the things I really love about our church is that we are really good at seeing the real beauty in each other, and appreciating each other for it.

So what is the beauty you bring to the world? What is your chosen canvas? I’d love to hear about it.

You are all brilliantly colored pieces of glass that make the overall artwork of this church, and light reflects in all of you. You are so beautiful to me.

With Love,