Summer is Upon Us

Dear wonderful people of OCUUC,

Summer is upon us… and I have a two-month break before the second half of my internship with you starts in September.  I will spend a good chunk of July in Chicago for summer classes, and an even better chunk of August in Germany, writing papers, but also spending time with my family, catching up with friends, and getting some rest.  I imagine I’ll spend quite a lot of time sitting in street cafes in Berlin, sipping cold beverages and reading novels.

Before I take off for the summer though, let me say this: THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you so much for welcoming me as an intern at your congregation, for letting me learn by trying out the things I am taught in seminary, and also for teaching me so much about what it looks like to be a loving community.  Thank you for cheering me on, making me feel appreciated, and for being patient when I make mistakes.

I am so happy you are my internship congregation.  I really feel that in you, I found my golden ticket, and I am already excited to continue my time with you next fall.  Until then – be well!  I will miss you!

With love,