Let’s Be Curious

I am happy to say that I am just about to finish Spring semester. Ah, the freedom! That also means that I spent the last couple of weeks churning out paper after paper. And while that was a lot of work, I also made some great discoveries: for example, I discovered some really amazing stuff about Hildegard of Bingen, a German Benedictine abbess who, as a tenth child, was tithed to the church at the age of eight (don’t let that give you ideas for our pledge drive!), and who, in addition to writing three volumes of theology based on visions she had, several scientific and medicinal books, letters to popes and kings, a morality play and sixty-nine lyrical poems, also came up with her very own secret language and alphabet! I also reveled in the truly delicious insults and accusations Photius and Pope Nicholas I hurled at each other during the schism between the Holy Roman Church and Eastern Orthodox Church (Photius even compared Pope Nicholas and the Holy Roman Church with a “wild boar greedily leaping into the much loved and newly planted vineyard of the Lord!”). And while I would never have guessed how excited I could get about medieval Christianity, each of these topics made me willingly tumble down rabbit holes that I only escaped from because the next deadline pulled me back.

There is so much in this world to be curious about, and too often it is our preconceived notions and biases that hold us back. So many topics or views or opinions that we view as uninteresting, uncomfortable, or simply wrong, so we never even give them a closer look. And sometimes, we even do that to each other: we think that we know a person, that we know all there is to know about that person, ignoring that each and every single one of us carries inside of us a whole world of ideas, dreams, interests, knowledge, stories, talents, and quirky little
weirdnesses – so much to admire, to learn, and to revel in, if only we’d allow ourselves to tumble into each other a little more often.

So, in this beautiful month of May, and always – let’s be curious! Let’s be awed and enriched by each other! Let’s regard the world around us and each other like the true and truly amazing miracles we all are!

May it be so.

With love,