Visit the Activities table on Sunday to join the next round of Circle Suppers. We need hosts who will invite guests and tell them what to bring, and guests who will bring a potluck dish and provide sparkling conversation. If you are unable to sign up at church on Sunday, contact Judith Stamper.
Circle Suppers are one of the best ways to socialize with members of the OCUUC community. No agenda, just friends and fun. Members, friends and visitors are all invited to participate.
Host: If you can seat 6-8 people in your home, you can host. You will be sent a list of guests. You will be in charge of the potluck assignments, but all you have to do is set the table and open the door. You don't have to provide any food.

Guest: You will be assigned to a host, who will coordinate the potluck dinner. You show up with your contribution and enjoy a social evening.

When? We hold these dinners every two months.

You may sign up to host or attend. If you host, you decide how many guests you want, and you decide the menu. If you sign up to attend, a host will call you with details before the supper.

A sign-up list will be at the Activities table on the patio, or you may contact Judith Stamper to be put on the list. More sign-ups, more fun!

How? Email and state:

  • I will host _____number of people OR
  • I will be a guest, here is the best way for my host to contact me.