Religions of the World


The Religions of the World class meets in the Conference Room on the second Saturday of each month, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. In each meeting we watch and then discuss an educational video, such as a lecture from the Great World Religions courses produced by the Teaching Company.

We are currently exploring Christianity.

We have previously explored and discussed four religions:

Hinduism: "In Hinduism you will find a religion that is perhaps the most diverse of all. It worships more gods and goddesses than any other, and it rejects the notion that there is only one path to the divine."

Islam: "Islam is one of the great monotheistic faiths that traces its ancestry to Abraham. Islam is not monolithic... Although Muslims share certain core beliefs, the practices, interpretations, images, and realities of Islam vary across time and space."

Judaism: "What is the essence of Judaism? Is it the Ten Commandments...? Is it the totality of teachings in the Hebrew Bible? Or is it symbolized by something outside the Bible? However Judaism is defined, the beliefs, practices, attitudes, and institutions of Jews through the ages display a striking diversity despite the fact that all would ascribe to a common heritage."

Buddhism: "A religion without God? How could that be? ... No doubt you can picture the Buddha—seated serenely, feet crossed in front of him, hands folded in his lap. But who was the real person behind this image? What did he say about the nature and purpose of life? What were the origins of the concepts of reincarnation, nirvana, karma, and Zen, and what is the Buddhist understanding of them?"

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