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It’s Time to Spring Clean and Renew

CUUPS is hosting a Spring Equinox ritual on Sunday, March 13th from 1-4 in the Victoria room. Do some personal energy spring cleaning with us. Please bring a cup for the ritual.

Contact Karen at for more information.

triple moon chaliceCelebrating "The Interdependent Web of Existence"

The seventh UU principle is “respect for the interdependent web of existence, of which we are a part.”  For Pagans, that principle resonates strongly. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in all seven of the principles. We work with our fellow UUs for the respect and dignity of every person, a just, free, and peaceful world, democracy, a free search for truth, and the responsible search for truth and spiritual growth. As Pagans, we have found our “truth and meaning” in the UU principle of the interdependent web of existence. We look to nature for spiritual growth. We celebrate the natural cycles of the seasons, honoring the spiritual meaning of each one in turn.

To do this, we organize rituals and festivities for each of the eight seasonal festivals. All of these rituals are open to the public. It helps if reservations are made, and donations for our events are always accepted. Join us for any of our upcoming celebrations!

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