How to Schedule Programs and Events

OCUUC is a vibrant community with many events going on throughout the week. To help you schedule your events and ensure everyone knows about them you can use the following guide for tips. (Note: All events planned for 3rd Sundays after the service must be cleared well in advance with the 3rd Sunday Lunch Contact)

  1. A write up of all new programs and events need to be emailed to VP of Programs at These will be reviewed by VP of Programs and the President.
  2. Determine a good date and time.
    • Find dates and times that work for members of your group/committee (avoid holidays that might take people out of town).
    • Check the OCUUC calendar for conflicting events
    • Check with Sarah Jones (our church administrator) to see if there are other conflicts. Some events may have been scheduled that are not on the public calendar. Sarah Jones can help you find a location at the church that is not in use by others.
  3. Once you find an optimal, minimal-conflict date and time, get your event on the calendar.
    • Email Sarah Jones to get your event on the calendar. Provide the following information:
      • Title of event
      • Start/end date and time
      • Recurrence information (if your event happens every Thursday, like choir practice, for example)
      • Room/location where event will take place
      • A clear, concise description of the event
      • Contact person for the event
  4. Publicize your event in the BLAST, the Sunday Order of Service, Facebook, and possibly the REACH with the event information from step 2 above. Check out the Communications page for more information. You can also prepare flyers, send emails to interested people, and invite the wider public to your event by submitting an event at, and clicking on “Add a Listing.”