Free to Be You and Me

Based on the book and film of the same name by Marlo Thomas and the update 40 years after first being published, Rev Sian discusses what has changed and what remains as challenges for every person to express their own personhood.

The Cost of Freedom

Our country was founded on the desire to be free from tyranny. But is freedom “free”? Is there a cost to our freedom? As we build a world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, what might we have to give up to obtain it?


My father was a passionate environmentalist and a smoker from the age of 14. How did he reconcile these contradictions in his life? How do we all face those parts of ourselves we don’t like, but can’t seem to get rid of?


What would you be willing to suffer or to give up, in order to live in paradise? Some people are willing to have others suffer so that they can live in paradise. Others give up wealth and power to help others. Each of us may have to make that choice in our lives.

Throwing the First Stone

Rev. Sian addresses the issues around the continuing conflict between Israel and Palestine from a historic perspective and the admonition of casting the first stone being left to those without any sins. This was a sermon requested by the winner from the Fall OCUUC Auction.