Passover Seder

Saturday, April 15, 5:00 p.m. at OCUUC Unitarian Universalists draw wisdom from other world religions, to inspire us “in our ethical and spiritual life.” One of those religions is Judaism, and an important Jewish holiday is coming up this month: Passover, which lasts this year from sunset April 10 to sunset April 18. The Passover…

Worship Service: Sanctuary

On this Easter Sunday, let’s explore this idea of “sanctuary.” It no longer just means a place of protection, but providing spiritual and emotional support for those who are afraid and disheartened in this world. What are the different ways that OCUUC might provide safety, salvation and sanctuary in today’s world? Rev. Sian

3rd Sunday All Church Potluck Lunch

Please bring a food or a beverage to share and stick around after the worship service to enjoy our lovely courtyard and some wonderful conversation.  Catch up on what’s happening with someone you know at church, or welcome a visitor to stay for lunch and get to know someone new. Please remember our members and…

Meditation Group

This is a group that meets once per month prior to church services in order to share supported meditation together. There will be sitting and/or walking meditation, and a chance for members to share their experience along the mindfulness path.

Women’s Circle

Please join us by sharing what is important in your life and discussing our topic. We meet right after the service on the fourth Sunday of the month, to share meaningful stories of our lives. Feel free to bring your cup of tea/coffee, sack lunch, and (if you want to) any nibbles to share. Guests are always welcome.…